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On this page we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding ProDen PlaqueOff® Animal. If you have a technical or scientific question not found here, please contact us using this form.


I don’t  notice any effects. Why is that?

Individual reactions to a preparation can vary. The same is true of PlaqueOff® Animal. If you don’t notice any effects, it is likely just a matter of time. In other cases, the recommended dosage may be too low. If you haven’t noticed any effects after two months, increase the dosage. Once a visible effect has been attained you can return to a normal dosage. Often PlaqueOff® has been effective even if buildup remains on the teeth. When you try to brush or scrape away buildup, you will likely discover that it is easier to remove than before.

Can humans take PlaqueOff® Animal?

Yes, take two scoops daily. There are also tablets designed for humans, called PlaqueOff® Human, based on the same alga.

How long can I give my pet PlaqueOff® Animal?

PlaqueOff® Animal should be given on a regular basis in accordance with the dosage instructions, as problems with plaque, tartar and bad breath will otherwise return. Results can usually be seen after approximately four weeks and the positive effects can be seen as long as the product is used.

Can I stop brushing my dog’s teeth?

PlaqueOff® Animal is not a substitute for brushing. By brushing your pet’s teeth, you will help remove plaque and tartar.

Will my dog or cat receieve too many vitamins and minerals by taking PlaqueOff® Animal?

PlaqueOff® Animal contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but in very small quantities. There is therefore no risk of oversupplementing with our product, even if your pet is already receiving vitamins and minerals from another source.

I have a finicky cat. Will my cat like your product?

Most dogs and cats like the smell and taste of PlaqueOff®. If your cat is reluctant to eat his food, you can begin with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it. Try mixing our product with a small amount of fish paté, yoghurt or something else that your cat really likes. You can also try our new product, PlaqueOff® Cat, which is made specifically for felines.

Have any studies been done on the potential effects of PlaqueOff® on the bones?

There are no studies showing that consuming PlaqueOff® Animal damages the skeletal system (or tooth enamel); on the contrary, studies indicate a positive effect on the bones. For example, studies by Yamaguchi et al (1998-2000) show that the phenols in algae stimulate bone synthesis.

Can all animals take PlaqueOff®?

Algae contain iodine. Normally, iodine is a healthy and important part of an animal’s diet. However, in animals with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland), a condition which is rare in dogs and occurs most commonly in older cats, iodine should be avoided. The animal’s entire diet should be monitored as many foods contain iodine. PlaqueOff® Animal has not been tested on pregnant or nursing animals, and should therefore be avoided during this time.

Are there any dangerous side effects?

No. PlaqueOff® is a 100% natural product without any known dangerous side effects. Certain individual animals react with an upset stomach. The best way to resolve this is to reduce the dosage and then gradually increase it again. If your pet has a sensitive stomach, you can start with a lower dosage.